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My parents raised me on black & white movies and television, so I have a deep love for classic cinema and the great performers that really created Hollywood. I have always loved finding out fun facts about the actors I admired and now you can have it all in one spot.

My NFT collection is perfect for cinephiles like me, collectors of classics and lovers of fun art and fun facts.


About the trading cards

These digital trading cards are in a video format, that is easy to pull up and fun to look at.  No need to flip your card over, the video automatically does it for you-and gives you time to read. 

On the front side of every card is the performer, posters from their career, snippets from news articles, a personal quote and their autograph.  You're not just collecting a trading card, you are collecting memorabilia compiled into one digital file, and truly showcasing your love for classic cinema. 

The collection will contain performers from the silent film era all the way up until the 1980s.

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